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Look no further when you are seeking your audio needs for your events. Whether it is for a high profile event, corporate, concert, festival, wedding, or even a grand opening we have it all to make your event sound the way it should. We offer high-end equipment for all venue sizes and any type of application.


True Audio is ready to make your event shine! Lighting plays a huge factor when bringing your event to life. We provide all types of lighting solutions and also have a stellar team of lighting designers ready to create your vision into a real life experience.


Safety is our Priority! True Audio has the proper truss, pipe, and chain motors to properly rigg our equipment for all types of applications which allows for a unique designs and configuration.


We provide full video display services that include high definition displays and LED panels. From projection mapping to live video streaming we have it all to create an unforgettable experience.


Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, we have the proper equipment to set up the perfect stage. We use top quality Staging Dimensions decks, which can be configured to any size stage for your event may need. Let our team of experts set up the stage securely for your event.


True Audio has the largest inventory when it comes to pro DJ Gear. We have everything from the latest cdjs, controllers, mixers, and turntables. Whether its a small event or large scale festival we got the right dj gear to supply any artist technical rider.

Special Effects

Let's create a memorable experience by adding special effects to your event. We have a variety of Special Effects options for you to choose from or we can design and create the experience for you to take your event to the next level! Click the link to view more!


Electricity is the only form of energy used to deliver power to a variety of equipment. Our certified technicians can distribute the right power for your event needs.


Artists Trust Us

Tina Montana
Tina Montana
Kanny Rodman
Kanny Rodman
Lady Marta
Lady Marta
Moran T
Moran T
Hattie Cash
Hattie Cash
Matthaios Balfour
Matthaios Balfour
Hal Wesley
Hal Wesley
Melanie Allan
Melanie Allan
Blake Lance
Blake Lance
What we use

Studio Equipment

  • Slate ML-1 VMS
  • The Kracken Sub Kick
  • Nuemann KM 184 x2
  • Lewitt LCT 940
  • Rode NTK
  • Electrovoice RE-20
  • Sennheiser MKH 70
  • Shure SM58-C
  • Slate ML-1 VMS
  • The Kracken Sub Kick
  • Nuemann KM 184 x2
  • Audio Technica AT2035
  • Blue Microphones Bluebird SL
  • AKG C214
  • Rode NT1-A
  • KRK Rokit 5-G3
  • JBL Lsr305
  • Mackie Mr5 Mk3
  • M-Audio Bx5 D2
  • Presonus Eris E5
  • Audioengine A5+
  • Yamaha Hs8
  • Eve Audio Sc205
  • Dynaudio Lyd 7
  • Focal Alpha 80
  • Avantone Mix Cubes
  • Neumann Kh 120
  • Genelec M040
  • Focal Twin6 Be
  • Adam A77x
  • Drums Rogers Holiday ’69
  • Snare Ludwig Jazz Festival
  • Drums Pearl Export Series X2
  • Zildjian Avedis new beat 14″ Hi-Hat
  • Sabian B8 14″ Hi-Hat
  • Zildjian Costantinople 18″ Crash
  • Istanbul Agop traditional Dark 17″ Crash
  • Istanbul Agop azure 20″ Ride
  • Fender Precision Bass 1983 Elite USA
  • Yamaha G3 Baby Grand Piano
  • Plairson upright Piano
  • Rhodes MKI 73 Piano
  • Wurlitzer 200 electronic piano
  • Farfisa Doria Organ
  • Farfisa Vip 600 Organ
  • Farfisa Compact Organ
  • Denemo
  • Dorico
  • DirectMusic
  • Vsxu
  • Liquid Rhythm
  • Guitar Rig
  • Kurzweil Digital Piano
  • FL Studio
  • Sound Forge
  • Pro Tools
  • WaveLab
  • Deckadance
  • MultitrackStudio
  • Steinberg Nuendo
  • Sony Sound Forge
  • Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X
  • Vox AC15C2
  • Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25
  • Boss Katana-100
  • PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti
  • Fender Blues Junior IV
  • Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII
  • Orange Rocker 32
  • Victory V40 ‘The Duchess’
  • Kemper Profiler Head
  • Yamaha THR100HD
  • Fender ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb
  • EVH 5150III 50W EL34
  • Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200
  • Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown TC-50
  • EVH 5150III 50W EL34
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